Coup d'état in colors

Istanbul, Summer 2016

Istanbul’s shading qualities had observed many clashes among the years. A significant venue of history with a strategic position along the Silk Road, the city stood in the center of some of the world’s biggest conflicts. And up until these days, when tensions between state institutions to secular population are developing frequently, in what seems to be an endless fight over profound ideologies. A late chapter of this infinite story took place on 15 th July 2016 as a coup d'état, carried out by a faction within the Turkish Armed Force, was attempted to seize control of several key places in Ankara, Istanbul, and elsewhere, but failed after forces loyal to the state defeated them. The series presented grips a mere trail of these events – and reflects them back through vivid multicoloured framed-reports and compositions of the everyday life under such circumstances. 

However, this is not an ordinary protest coverage. For mostly, we tend to be acquainted with chaotic shots, showing the masses marching through riots; when, in this case, I have tried to capture tiny moments, smeared by motley colors, as inanimate objects march their way to the front stage. By red and yellow, the series leads the viewers through a dither day amid Istanbul’s wounded streets, from winking graffiti through spontaneous selfie shooters and affable flag bearers. An act of fixation, the frames cast a play of ping-pong between the stressed and the lull – mixing together to the point of extreme orange, that is, a balanced motif telling a concise story of one’s endless quest for harmony among the many colors surrounding our lives.

Awards & exhibitions:

IPA (International Photography Awards) Lucie Awards. Won Gold in category Editorial: political